FR is the standard Traveler Report.  You cannot execute this report from the DR object, but rather you can configure the report default settings which will over-ride those set in the strings.xml file.


Create a new Data Report Object.  Following this, you can now choose the different configuration options for your FR Data Report.

  • Clear Cache: Clears any cache that may be saved prior to generating new report.
  • Show Part Data: Will display Part Name-Value Data Entries.
  • Repeat Details: Repeats Details
  • Show Parts: Shows Part Records
  • Records Info: Displays the Record information
  • Config Info: Displays Step Description
  • Step Headers: Repeats the Headers of each Step.  No., Step#, Step Name, In Date, Qty In, Out Date, Qty Out, Signed.
  • Create Info: Displays Traveler Create Details
  • Show Stats: Displays statistics such as Total Time, Qty. Yield, Rework Data, etc.
  • Show All Step Blocks: Shows all Step blocks
  • Reverse Steps: Shows last step first
  • Reverse Step Blocks: Reverse display of Step Blocks
  • Compressed Step: Compresses display of Step information