PR is the standard Part Record Report.  You cannot execute this report from the DR object, but you can configure the report default settings which will over-ride those set in the strings.xml file.


Create a new Data Report Object. Following this, you can now choose the different configuration options for your Inventory Data Report.

  • Clear Cache: Clears cache of PR Reports from memory
  • Repeat Details: Repeats Details Header on all pages of the Report
  • Show Blogs: Displays Blog entries
  • Show Parents: Displays the Parent Part
  • All Steps: Will display all Steps the Part has been through.  Otherwise only the last Step will display
  • Show All Step Blocks: Shows all Step Process State changes.  i.e. Cued, In Process sign-in/sign-out times.
  • Compressed Step Blocks: Displays only the first and last process state change within a Step.
  • Reverse Steps: Displays steps in reverse order.  Most recent completed to oldest completed.
  • Reverse Step Blocks: Within a Step, this will display process state changes in reverse order
  • Show Genealogy: Displays tree view of Genealogy