Part Genealogy (previously GenealogyConfig) is Genealogy Report for Part Records.  Will draw out all Part Records and its children created within the specified time period filter.  Phantom Parts will be displayed for Parent Part Records that have not been created.

Create a new Data Report Object. Following this, you can now choose the different configuration options for your Genealogy Config Report

  • Start / End Date: Filters for items between the two dates
  • Span: Preset filters
  • Part Definition: Displays Part Records based on the selected Part Definition
  • Top Location: Filters Parts that were created in this specified location
  • Type: Determines if Phantom Parts are displayed
    • All - Shows all Parts plus it will generate Phantom Parts
    • No Phantom- Does not display Phantom Parts, but will still display the children
    • Phantom - Only displays records that contain Phantom Parts
  • Clear Cache: Forces cache file of reports to be cleared.  Admins use only.
  • Cache Valid: ONLY when a filter results in the use of Today (i.e. Span = Today, or End: Todays Date), this will force a clearing of cache on the next generated report if it is greater then timeframe specified.  So the cache will stay alive for the amount of time specified.