The Equipment Record shows you all equipment information and gives you options to manage your equipment. The form is shown in the following figure, and consists of the following:

  • Status Section: The status sections shows the Equipment State of the current Equipment Record. This is shown in the Icon and in the Status Label. Beside the Equipment State it show time the record was created and the user that created it.
  • Header Buttons: In general the header buttons do not change any information of the Equipment Record or any other information in the EZ-MES System. The following buttons are available:
    • Refresh
    • Print Preview
    • Print
    • Print label
  • Tabs: The Tabs control the main content area, and the following Tabs are available:
    • Home / General Settings
    • Advanced Settings
    • Edit Equipment Attributes
    • Specs
    • Parts
    • History
    • Data
    • Attachments
    • Add Event Records
    • Event Records
    • Blog / Logbook
    • Access Rights
  • Control Buttons: The Control Buttons can be used to start new actions or make other changes.


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