The following describes step by step example how to move a Traveler after the Traveler is created and moved to active. (How to create a traveler?) Note: The way travelers will show up to the user is highly dependent on how travelers are configured through the Flow Definitions, and on the user rights. The following is just an example.

On this page the following steps are shown:

  1. Creating parts on the Traveler
  2. Adding a Lot Number to the Created Parts
  3. Move the Traveler to the Next Step

1 Create the Parts on the Traveler

The parts that need to be tested are not yet in the EZ-MES system. So we first have to create them. The following figure shows the steps needed to create the parts:

2 Assign a Lot Number and move to Next Step

The following figure shows the step to assign a Lot Number to the attached Lot. The Lot Number is defined to be Unique, this means that no other lot in the EZ-MES system will be able to have this Lot Number. When you by accident try to assign an existing lot number to a new Lot, the system will not allow you to enter that number. The field will turn red and the entered value will be deleted.

After the Lot Number is assigned the Traveler moves to the first Test Step. If you forgot to fill out the Lot Number you will be notified that required information is missing.

3 Next Step

When successful the form will change to show the data entries that are needed to complete the next step. Fill out the data and press the 'Done' button.

Keep repeating this until the traveler is finished.