A Traveler can be opened using different ways:
  • Through the Traveler Desktop. See below for a Step by Step description.
    • Active Travelers can be opened by clicking the Red Active Travelers listbox Icon.
    • Any Traveler can be opened by clicking the Green Travelers Listbox Icon (This Icon is not available for operators)
  • Using F9 or the barcode scanner
  • Through hyperlinks on reports or hyperlinks on other dialogs

Open an Active Traveler through the Desktop

The following figure shows the Traveler Desktop for a user with only user rights: . From here you can take the following steps to open a traveler:



If you have the access rights there will be an additional Green Icon  FR48x48Icon to open a list with all travelers. Follow the same steps as shown in the figure above. This listbox will display pending, active and closed travelers.

Open a Traveler using F9 or the barcode scanner

To open a traveler, take the following steps:

  1. Press the F9 key on the Keyboard
  2. Type or use the barcode scanner to enter the Traveler number in the input
  3. Press OK or hit enter

More information about shortcut entries and barcode fonts

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