Using the report settings of the Work In Process Report, you are able to display more (or less) information, dependent on your requirements.

After each change, you have to hit the 'Refresh' button. The WIP report only shows the steps that contain parts for the flow that is selected. For each step it shows the number of Parts and Travelers in that step.

The following settings are available:

  • Part Names: For each step the number of Parts will be grouped by their Part Definition. (Default is checked)
  • Traveler: For each step, now a grouping per Traveler can be shown. Showing the number of Parts per Traveler. (Default is unchecked)
  • Part UIDs: With this option, for each step the individual UIDs for each Part Record or for each Batch are displayed as separate line items on the Report.
  • Flow: From the Flow Pull down the Flow Definition of interest can be selected.
Work In Process Report (WIP) Showing all Parts, Travelers and Part Definitions

NOTE: It is not the State of the Part Record that determines if Parts show up on the WIP Report. The state of the Traveler determines if Part Records will show up on the WIP Report. Only Parts on Active Travelers will show, Parts on 'Done' Travelers will not show up on the WIP Report.

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