The WIP Report, showing all Active Part Records, can be accessed from the Reports Desktop. This is shown in the following figure:


The WIP Report will first show up in a popup. From here you can control the report in different ways:

  • Print the report by pressing the 'Print' button. This will open the report, exaclty as it is shown in the popup, in a new browser window. From here you can use the browser print to print the report.
  • The refresh button can be used to get the most recent data from the server, or to update the report with the new report settings.
  • NOTE: All text in the report that shows up blue, is a hyperlink. Click this link to open the corresponding EZ-MES Object. This is a fast way to find information about specific parts, part definitions, step definitions etc.
  • Change the report by changing the report settings.

The following figure gives a simple example of a Work In Process (WIP) report:

Simple example of a Work In Process Report
Learn how to change the settings of the Work In Process (WIP) report.

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