Opening the Inventory Costing Report



If you adjust any of the options on the report, you must hit the Refresh icon for them to display on the report.

Sort By

  • Part Number - Sorts report via Part Number
  • Part Name - Sorts report via Part Name
  • Supplier Name - If supplied, sorts report by the Supplier Name
  • Supplier Part Number - If supplied, sorts report by the Supplier Part Numbers

Total By

  • RMI+FGI - Gives costing values of RMI and FGI only.
  • RMI+FGI+ORD - Gives costing values of RMI, FGI, and also calculates any parts currently On Order.

Show Empty Parts

  • Checked - Displays parts that have zero in inventory.
  • Un-Check - Will not display zero inventory parts.

Export To Excel

  • You can use the Export to Excel icon to export the current data to an Excel Sheet.


Inventory Costing Report Data