There are a number of options when it comes to getting the data you need.  Below is a graphic that details the various methods you can use to export the data.

Follow the number sequence to open the Name-Value listbox.

  1. Configuration Desktop
  2. Name-Values Icon
  3. Click the Name-Value of interest
  4. Select the Data tab



From this point, you can now see the different available methods of viewing your data.

Direct Charts

From the Name-Value listbox, you can directly initiate either the Line Chart or Histogram for the desired data.


Data Export

From the Data Tab on the Name-Value form, you can choose to either directly export to Excel or Email yourself the Excel file.  It is possible that pop-up blockers can prevent the Excel sheet from directly opening.


More Charts

The same Line Chart and Histogram can be viewed from within the Name-Value form as well as choosing them from the Name-Value listbox.


SPC Data

SPC Data can be viewed by clicking the Report Icon in the top middle of the Name-Value Form.