1. Download and Install R (http://soft.eazyworks.com/r-project/R-2.8.0-win32.exe)
  2. Download Install COM Interface (http://soft.eazyworks.com/r-project/R_Scilab_DCOM3.0-1B5.exe)
  3. Download the rscproxy.dll copy the dll to the C:Program Files\R\(D)COM\bin (http://soft.eazyworks.com/r-project/rscproxy_1.0-12.zip)
    1. * Note on 32-bit the directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\R\(D)COM Server\bin
  4. Go to Control Panel > Administration Tools > "Component Services"
    1. DCOM Config
      1. Goto
        1. Application Name: StatConnectorSrv
        2. Application ID: {18c8b668-81a2-11d3-9254-00e09812f727}
      2. Security Tab
        1. Change the "Launch and Activation Permissions" to "Custom"
        2. Edit it and add "Network Service" with All Permissions set to Allow.
          • Note that you may need to add alternate permissions dependant on what the server IIS Process (W3WP.exe) is running under.  It could also be under the IIS Worker process in which case you should add IIS_IUSRS and/or IUSR groups.
  5. Test and it should be Good to go, one note, if you run the Instance of the web server using a different than default account you will most likely have to grant this account access in the same way.