This article explains how to set up the EZ -MES application to run like a desktop application on almost all modern PC's. 

  1. First you need to download and install Google Chrome web browser.
    • GoogleChrome01
    • GoogleChrome02
    • In this example we will not be using Google Chrome as our default web browser, so un-check the option before you "Accept and Install"
    • GoogleChrome03
    • GoogleChrome04
    • GoogleChrome05 GoogleChrome06
    • Choose the default search engine, this is not important in this case so we just choose Google.
    • GoogleChrome07
  2. Now we navigate to our application and Accept the use of Google gears for the application.
    • GoogleChrome09
  3. Now Sign into the application, once signed in click the User Icon in the Upper Left to open your user Settings.
    • GoogleChrome13
  4. Now Click the Icon for the "Desktop Shortcut", a Google Gears dialog will open asking where you would like to make the Application Shortcuts.
    • GoogleChrome14
  5. After Clicking OK you will Get Icons on your desktop, and Quick Launch. this figure also shows how the application will look on your desktop when it is opened and how it will appear int he task bar for a windows based PC.
    • GoogleChrome18