If you would like to provide Icon access to another User Group, you can perform the following steps to accomplish this.  Our example will clone the Inventory Management Icon and then give access to the User, User Group.

 Navigate to the Menu Item 

  1. Open Application and User Settings
  2. Open User Management / System Settings
  3. Select Menu Group Tab
  4. Open the Menu Group of interest
  5. Open the Menu Item of interest


Clone The Menu Item and change access rights

With the Menu Item open, you can now clone it. 

  1. Click the Clone Icon
  2. Change the Menu Item Name and Index
  3. Change the Menu Group that the new icon will be in.
  4. Change the Group that is allowed to see this icon.


Resulting New Icon

After the changes have been completd you will now be able to see that the User Role/Group is now allowed to see and access the Inventory Management Icon.