There is a file set within the application root called 'Strings.xml'.  This file contains many of the default settings that are within the application.  You can personalize these based on your internal preferences.


The following values customize what is displayed through the application objects.  For instance you may use prefer to use Traveler, Flow, or Follower.  All are the same thing but internally you may want to establish the preffered nomencature.

  • sFRFlowDef_LB value="Flow Definition:"
  • sFRFlowDef_TT value="Flow Definition connected to this Traveler"
  • sFD value="Flow Definition"
  • sFRName value="Traveler"
  • sFRPRName value="Part"
  • sPRListName value="Part"
  • sSFName value="Step"
  • sMESName value="EZ-MES"
  • sPD value="Part Definition"
  • sSD value="Step"
  • sBarCodeWindowTitle value="BarCode Scanner:"
  • sBarCodeWindowMessage value="Type or Scan Barcode"
  • sOnlineHelp value=""
  • sOnlineHelpJoomla value=""
  • sOnlineHelpSearch value=""

Default Travelers Report

The following values customize the default options that are on the Travelers Report.  

  • sReportFRbDetails value="true"
  • sReportFRbRequest value="true"
  • sReportFRbCreate value="false"
  • sReportFRbShowParts value="true"
  • sReportFRbStepDescr value="false"
  • sReportFRbShowDocs value="false"
  • sReportFRbAttachments value="false"
  • sReportFRbBlogs value="false"
  • sReportFRbSplits value="false"

Part Record Report

The following are used to define the default options contained in the Part Record Report.

  • sReportPRbHistory value="true"
  • sReportPRbAllSteps value="true"

Menu Drawing Routine

Default settings for the drawing of the application desktop.

  • sColorMenuText value="#FFFFFF"
  • sColorMenuTextMouseOVer value="#FF0000"
  • sMenuFontSize value="10px"
  • sReportFRbLongBarcCode value="false"

Organization Object

Default setting for the Organization Object.  Also contains values that are displayed in the Address Type listbox.

  • bORAdminOverride value="false"
  • bORAddressHide value="false"
  • bORShippingHide value="false"
  • bORPaymentsHide value="false"
  • bORAttachmentsHide value="false"
  • bOROrdersHide value="false"
  • bORSuppliedHide value="false"
  • bORManfacturedHide value="false"
  • bORAccessHide value="false"
  • arADType value="['Default', 'Purchasing', 'Sales', 'Shipping', 'Billing', 'Employee', 'Engineering', 'Other']"

Auto Number Generator

On some objects you can elect to have the auto generate number enabled or disabled.  You can set it up here by using "true" or "false".

  • bPDAutoNumberEnabled value="true"
  • bSDAutoNumberEnabled value="true"
  • bFDAutoNumberEnabled value="true"

Flow Record Object

  • butFRReposition value="{ sRightDefault:'blck', arRight:[ {sSt:'Pending', sRight:'blck'}, {sSt:'Active', arRole:[ {sRole:'Administrator', sRight:'auth'}, {sRole:'Admin', sRight:'auth'} ] }, {sSt:'Archived', arRole:[ {sRole:'Administrator', sRight:'auth'}, {sRole:'Admin', sRight:'auth'} ] }, {sSt:'Deleted', arRole:[ {sRole:'Administrator', sRight:'auth'} ] } ] }"

Google Gears

These settings allow Google Gears to create a desktop shortcut with a customized shortcut name description.

  • createShortcut_name value="EZ-MES"
  • createShortcut_description value="This shortcut launches EZ-Mes"

EZ Pop Up

Pop Up window location and offset customization.

  • xWinOpenPos value="60"
  • yWinOpenPos value="74"
  • xWinOpenSpacing value="20"
  • yWinOpenSpacing value="24"

Grab Part Record Object

Customizing the Part Record Grabber form and listbox.

  • bHideLotColumn value="false"
  • iW_UIDColumn value="100"

BOM Form

  • sDrawingMode value="1LineA"

Purchase Item

You can customize the default Purchase Item Type by either "package" or "individual".

  • sDefaultRecType value="package"

EZ File Fetcher

EZ File Fetcher allows documents to be stored on an internal server.  This defines the link prefix as to where to documents are retrieved.

  • sFileFetcher value="http://ezff/?sFile="