Create your account

To use EZ-MES the first thing you will need to do is to make a user account. When you have received an e-mail with an URL for your EZ-MES environment, that is where you can start to access the system. Follow the URL provided in your email.  It will look like (xxx is the sub domain name that is supplied to you by EazyWorks).

Step 1: Click the icon to create a new user account


Step 2: Next, you will be able to enter your new account information as illustrated below


After you have completed this step by pressing "OK" you will then have restricted/limited privileges within EZ-MES.


Step 3: Wait for email notification regarding your account privileges

The system administrators will be notified via e-mail of your request and will grant you privileges.  Once privileges are granted, an email notification will be send and you will then have access to EZ-MES.  The number of users on the system is unlimited, so you can let other people in your company create new user accounts if desired. When you are granted Admin priveleges you will be notified when new accounts are created so that you too as Admin can assign your colleague's user rights.

Once you have been assigned Admin rights, you will be able to assign user rights or user roles to other users of the system: User Access Rights Management.


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