Track and Trace
The Track & Trace / Genealogy of EZ-MES supports the collection of everything used in the creation of your finished goods in inventory. This fully configurable application tracks Inventory, Shipments, the Work in Progress (WIP), Machinery/Equipment, Methods/Procedures, Materials. Tracking avoids or reduces the impact of reworks or recalls and increases the yield on the manufacture of quality products.

Key features of Track and Trace

Inventory is managed by EZ-MES to handle all parts going in and out of your facility. In addition, it can be used to store vendor part ID labeling and re-serializing parts to your own in house unique ID system. Inventory management is performed automatically by Purchase Orders and Shipments and can be manually controlled if required.

Provides manufacturing companies with the understanding and granular details of the products being manufactured at any given point of time.

Method/Procedure Tracking
During manufacturing, process of specific recipes and product milestones provides a clear overview of manufacturing. Combined with other process data, this data can quickly indicate if the system becomes unstable due to the methods chosen, or if the method change can lead to an improvement in output product quality and the stability of the process. The live automated SPC Check feature can perform SPC statistical analysis of the process. The SPC Check can be configured to perform multiple actions if SPC events occur e.g. put traveler on hold, move traveler to MRB flow, send email etc. to ensure the quality of the product, the stability of the manufacturing process and properly maintain production equipment.

Machinery Tracking
During the manufacturing process, the equipment used is just as important as the materials processed. If one understands the requirements of the equipment then it will provide a solid basis for process improvements. It also is crucial in identifying and isolating products that may fail quality standards due to processing by defective equipment/machinery.

Material Tracking
EZ-MES supports the allocation and tracking of all material lots and quantities used in the manufacturing process.

  • Genealogy – Electronic records store all data during a process flow so reporting on both past and future product genealogy is available. EZ-MES produces an accurate and complete understanding of a product’s history for every possible need, whether it’s for production streamlining or product improvements.

Benefits of Track and Trace

  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Guarantees Repeatability of the Manufacturing Process
  • Provides Accurate Data for both Process and Product Improvements
  • Waste is Reduced
  • Facilitates Quality and Compliance