If you would like to prevent a Step from being signed off until a specified time has passed, you can do so using a required Hidden Calc NV.  This type of Name-Value will monitor the step in the background, invisible to the user.  Since the Name-Value is also required  before the Step can be signed off the user cannot continue unless the Calc Name-Value evaluates and automatically populates a value.

Selecting Step Definition

We will begin general configuration of the Calc NV by first choosing the Step Definition we would like it to work on.  The example we will using is a Curing Station Step that cannot be signed off until 30 minutes have passed since it went into the step.

Curing Station Step 



Adding NV to Step Definition

Now you can add the new Calc NV to the Step Definition.  

Adding Name-Value to Step Definition



Configuring Name-Value

General Parameters

The Name-Value should first be marked as a Required Name-Value.  This prevents the step from being moved on unless the Name-Value has a value/entry.

Calculation Parameters

Next you should configure the String Formula in the Calculation Parameters.  Learn more on syntax.

iif([NOW]>[STEPINTIME]+30*<%minutes%>, "Can Move", "")  

Choose 'Text" for the Display Type.

Define Variables

Now you will define the variables that are used in your Calculation Parameters settings.  These variables are as follows:


Pre-Defined NV

Variable Name
-- Current Date Time --          NOW
-- Current Part Last Update Date-Time --         STEPINTIME



Advanced NV ConfigurationS

Since this Name-Value is not really used in collecting data from the user, we will hide it.  To do this you need to select the Advanced Tab.  Then you will see the 'Hide NV' checkbox.  


Testing Tip

  • For testing purposes, feel free to leave the Calc Name-Value unhidden so that you can see the behavior of the Name-Value
  • Reduce the time to 1 minute so that you dont have to wait a long time

iif([NOW]>[STEPINTIME]+1*<%minutes%>, "Can Move", "")

  • Try signing out the step before the Name-Value is populated