This example illustrates how to configure EZ-MES to reposition part(s) from a 'Scrap' flow back to it's original position in the manufacturing flow using a pulldown menu. The 'Scrap' flow will automatically scrap the part(s) if the pulldown NV option 'Scrap' is selected and if the traveler is signed off/completed. If the pulldown menu option selected is 'WIP' then the part(s) will be repositioned back to their original position in the manufacturing flow prior to it's reposition to the 'Scrap' flow.

The 'Disposition' pulldown menu is configured for two values:

  • Scrap - Select to confirm the part(s) is to be scrapped
  • WIP - Select to reposition the part(s) back to their original position in the manufacturing flow

First we will create the pulldown NV 'Disposition' in the 'Scrap' flow's step.


Next we will create the Trigger, Action and Event 'Reposition Back to WIP' for the 'Scrap' flow. The Trigger for the Event is when 'WIP' is selected from the pulldown NV and the 'Scrap' flow is signed off/completed.

Create Trigger

We will now create the Trigger for the Event, the Trigger uses three variables DISP, CTS and CPS to evaluate whether to fire:

  • DISP - Either 'Scrap' or 'WIP' depending on the selected value from the pulldown NV 'Disposition'
  • CTS - Predefined value from EZ-MES -- Current Traveler Step --
  • CPS - Predefined value from EZ-MES -- Current Part Step --


Create Action

We will now create the Action for the Event. The Action is a simple configuration that requires just a name and Action Type: 'Reposition Back' to complete it.


Create Event

We will now create the Event and then attach the Trigger and Action.


We will now attach the Event 'Reposition Back to WIP' to the 'Scrap' flow step to link the Event for all future use.


Traveler View of Scrap Flow

The Event 'Reposition Back to WIP' is now active for the 'Scrap' flow step.