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The Traveler can be seen as an order for production. Within EZ-MES the Traveler is the Object used to move parts around. The Traveler gets its routing information from the Flow Definition that serves as a template at the moment the Traveler is created.

AKA: Within the different industries the Traveler is also known as:

  • Flow Record (FR)
  • Job
  • Flow
  • Production Order
  • Shop Traveler
  • Device History Record (DHR)

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Traveler Attributes

A Traveler has a number of Attributes, and is connected to a number of other EZ-MES Objects. (More information about Traveler Attributes)

  • Object State: Pending -> Active -> Closed (more information below)
  • Process State: QUEUED -> INPROCESS -> DONE

Process States to see if Parts are CUED, INPROCESS, or DONE

The Process State of the Traveler determines the Process State of the Part Records that are connected to the Traveler.

Traveler Object States

The Traveler Object Status Attribute can have the following states:

  • Pending
    When Travelers are created they start in the Pending State. Note: Operators can' t create Travelers in a Pending state, only users with Supervisor rights can create Travelers.


  • Active
    At the moment a Traveler is submitted from the Pending it moves to the Active state. Only when a Traveler is in the Active state can Part Records be added to a Traveler (Typically this happens during the first Step). Active Traveler are always connected to a Step Definition as a Traveler can't be moved to the Active state until it's properly configured with at least one Step Definition.


  • Closed/Archived Status20x20Archived
    When a Traveler completes it's last Step the state automatically changes from 'Active' to 'Closed/Archived'. The Part Records remain connected to the Traveler until they are picked up by an other Traveler or Shipped.
  • Deleted
    A Traveler can be deleted if it's in the Pending state (or Active State if no parts are connected).


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