Icon that opens the Parts State Matrix

A fast way to see where all the parts are is to use the Part State Matrix. The Parts State Matrix (sometime called 'Part States Grid' or 'Parts States List') can be accessed from the Traveler and Reports Desktop. The following figure gives a simple example of the report:


The report gives the total count for the following Part States:

  • ORD: On Order, the Part Records are connected to a Purchase Order
  • RMI: Raw Material Inventory. Used for materials that can be used to create other products
  • WIP: Work In Process. Normally used to show that a Part is on an Active Production Traveler
  • FGI: Finished Goods Inventory. Used for products that are ready to be shipped to customers
  • Hold: Used to capture non-conforming material
  • Shipped: Products that are actually shipped
  • Scrapped: Parts that are Scrapped and cannot be recovered
  • Consumed: Part State for parts that are consumed by other parts

Each different Part State is shown in a separate column. Beside these states 2 additional columns are shown, the first column shows the total active Parts on site (RMI + WIP + FGI) and the second column gives a summation of Parts for all states.

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