We will be demonstrating how to create an event to monitor inventory for any part definition within the EZ-MES system.  This is achieved by creating a Email Template, Spec Value, Action, Trigger, and Event.  

This is how we will be configuring this particular Inventory Monitor (you can modify as needed).  First it will compare the Minimum Inventory Level Spec Value on our Part Definition with our sum of Raw Materials inventory.  If the Raw Materials available are lower than the Spec Value, the Trigger condition is met and will then fire the Email Type Action. 

However, the Trigger has a second condition that also must be met before firing.  That is, it will only fire every 24 hours since it last fired.  When the Trigger finally fires the Action, an email is sent to the configured parties. 

The email body uses a configured Document Defininition as the email body template.  This body template will contain minimal information about the part, such as Part Name, Part Number, and Current RMI Level.

Lets begin our configuration by creating the items we just discussed:

  • Create a 'Spec Definition' - A Spec Definition will need to be created.  This spec definition will contain a value that contains a minimum Raw Materials level. 

Enter the following information on your new 'Spec Definition': 

Spec Name = Low Inventory Level Spec

  • Add Spec Definition to your 'Part Definition' - After you have created a Spec Definition, you can now add it to your Part Definition.  From that point forward, the new spec will follow that Part Definition where ever it goes. 

Only after your Spec Definition has been added will you be able to enter the Spec Value.  This keeps it unique for each Part Definition so you can re-use the Spec Definition while keeps its Spec Value unique for each Part Definition. 

Enter the following information upon adding your new 'Spec Definition' to your 'Part Definition':

Spec Value= 25

  • Create a new Email Type 'Document Definition' - You can now create your Email Type Document Definition that will be used as a low inventory notification email.  The following values will provide you with a basic email notification.

Title: Low Inventory Notification

Subject: Low Inventory Notification: 

Email Body (Uploaded HTML File):





*Download Sample Email Template



Variables To Be Defined (Pre-Defined PD):


Pre-Defined PD

Variable Name
-- Part Def Name -- PNA
-- Part Def No -- PNO
-- Qty RMI -- SLEV

  • Create a new Email Type 'Action' - You can now create your Email Type Action.   that will be used as a low inventory notification email.  The following values will provide you with a basic email notification.  Use the following settings for your Action.

Action Name: Inventory Level Action

Action Type: Email

Email Template: Low Inventory Notification (this is the email type document definition you just created)

To: Enter email addresses you wish to have the notification sent to.

  • Create a new 'Trigger' - The following settings will fire the Trigger when the Part Definition has a RMI level less than our Spec Value (25).

Trigger Name: Low Inventory Trigger

Done String Formula: 


*Download Sample Trigger

The -24* will only allow the Trigger to fire if the current date is 24 hours have past since the Event Record was created.  You can choose any amount of time you would like.

Add the following Variables:



Variable Name
-- Event Created Date  -- EVCREATEDATE
-- Current Date -- EVCURRENTDATE


Variable SP

Variable Name
Low Inventory Level Spec LOWVALSPEC

Pre-Deined PD Variable Name
-- Qty RMI -- SRMI
  • Create a new 'Event Definition' : You will now create a new Event Definition where you can attach your Trigger and Action.  Setup your Event Definition as follows.

General Tab

Event Name: Email: Low Inventory

Event Type: Configuration Monitoring

Repeats: true

Trigger Tab

Add Trigger: Low Inventory Trigger 

Action Tab

Add Action: Inventory Level Action

Action Group: Done

Once the Event Record is created, the Trigger will began being evaluated.  If the Trigger comes up true it will fire, otherwise it will not fire. 

Because we have a 'repeats' as true in our Event, this process will keep repeating.  However, to prevent unnecessary repeating, we will only evaluate the Trigger every 24hrs as stated in our 'Done String Formula'.  If you are not careful, you can repeat every minute wasting valuable resources. 

Select the following item on the 'Event Records' tab: 

Create Event Record: Email: Low Inventory

  • You have now completed the Low Inventory Monitor:  This monitor can be used on any Part Definition you have.  It is robust due to the fact that each Part Definition can have a unique low inventory Spec Value.