Event Definitions can be created by taking the following steps:

  1. Click the goto the Configuration Desktopon the left part of the sreen.
  2. On this Desktop open the Event Definitions Listbox.
  3. Press the New Event Definition Icon in the upper left corner of this Listbox.
  4. Fill out the information on the Event Definitions Form. Where You can add Triggers and Actions directly to this form, or use their tabs in the following steps.
  5. Click the 'Trigger' Tab, and Add Trigger to Event,
  6. Click the 'Action' Tab, and Add Action to Event
  7. Move the Event Definition to the Active Object State by pressing the 'Next' Icon.

The step sequence is shown in the following figure:

How to Create a New Event Definition

Information on the General Tab

To create the Event Definition the following information can or should be filled out on the General Tab:

  • Event Name: (required) Use a descriptive name so that it is easy to add event records to Step Definitions.
  • Description: A short description for this event.
  • Event Updated: (Read Only) Shows the last time this Event Definition was updated.
  • Repeats: (Required) Determines if an Event Record will create a new Event Record after the Event triggers and the action(s) are performed.

Trigger Tab

Select from existing Triggers, or create a new trigger by selecting - Create New Trigger - from the pulldown.

Action Tab

Select from existing Actions, or create a new Action by selecting - Create New Action - from the 'Add Action' pulldown.

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