The Inventory Management interface can be easily configured to create travelers and can significantly simplify the procedure. Select the Part Definition that you wish to link to the Inventory Interface, select the Advanced Tab and select the Inventory Flow Definition that should be linked to it.


Select the Manage Inventory and Place POs Icon on the left hand sideand then click the Manage Part Records Quantity Icon at the top of the window. 

Status48x48RMI Manage Inventory and Place POs Icon

RMI48x48Adjust Manage Part Records Quantity Icon

Enter the quantity for the Part that you wish to manufacture, press the + button and the system will create all the travelers required to satisfy the request.


In addition if you request 10 parts and need 10 individual travelers then enter 1 in the Quantity Limit for the Part Definition/Advanced Tab section and you can limit the quantity of parts that the travelers can handle and 10 individual travelers will be automatically created.


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