These pages will show a step by step configuration example to learn how to use the EZ-MES Asset Management module.

Example Case

For this example we will configure and use (execute) the EZ-MES Asset Management system for a company that has 2 'Pt IR Metal Deposition' Tools. For the Configuration and the Execution part of the Asset Management module, the following topics will be addressed:


  1. Create an Equipment Definition (Equipment Category)
  2. Create a Flow Definition that for each piece of equipment will:
    • Assign a unique name
    • Assign a location
    • Assign equipment attributes
    • Assign and initialize variables for run counters
  3. Define preventive maintenance Flow
  4. Define state changes
  5. Define preventive maintenance Events
    • Define automatic state change
    • Define custom e-mail notification
    • Events based on run counters
    • And Events based on elapsed time
  6. Define a run Flow


  1. Create 2 actual equipment instances
  2. Perform scheduled maintenance
  3. Perform unscheduled maintenance
  4. Run parts through the Equipment