It is possible to add instructions, of the oparation that has to be done, on the 'General' tab of the Traveler Form, so that this information is available for the operator when she performs the step.

On the 'General' tab of the Step Definition Form the Step Description can be entered. Any text that is entered will appear on the Traveler Form.

The following figure shows step by step how the Step Description can be configured:


To configure the Step Description on the Traveler Form, take the following steps:

  1. After opening the Step Definition you check the State of the Step Definition. If this state is Active you move the Step Definition back to 'Pending'.

    If the new / different Step Description has a possible impact on the product we advice to create a new revision of the Step Definition before changing the Step Description.

  2. Fill out the Step Description Field, if it consists of more than one line we recommend to add an additional carriage return (Enter key) at the end.
  3. Move the Step Definition back to Active (otherwise the changes will not get through).

    To see the effect on the Traveler Form take the following 2 steps:

  4. Open an active Traveler or Create a new Traveler, and move the Traveler to the changed Step Definition.
  5. In case the Step Description still shows the old Step Description or no Step Description at all, press the Refresh button. This will only be the case for travelers that are created before the change to the Step Definition was made.

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