It is possible to configure a Step Definition to show an image with instructions directly on the electronic Traveler, as shown in the next example, where an image with instructions is displayed below the data to collect.

Traveler with Instructions

For doing this, first a Document with the image attribute needs to be created. When this is available, it can be added to the traveler on the Advanced Tab of the Step Definition.

Visual operator instructions

The steps to make the image available on the traveler are as following:

  1. Open the Advanced Tab
  2. Select the image to display
  3. As more then one image can be displayed, select the order for the image, and press the '+' sign to add the image to list of images to display. Repeat step 2 and 3 for all instructions that should go on the traveler
  4. When more then one image should be displayed in a row, select the number of images in the row to display
  5. Select the sizing options for the images, where there the following options:
    1. Fixed use image size -> the image will show in the same size as it is stored
    2. Auto size to fit -> makes smaller images larger, and larger images smaller, till it fits the size of the traveler, resizing the traveler resizes the image
    3. Auto sized to fit when smaller -> makes the image smaller when it is too large to display

When now the Traveler enters this step, the image with instructions will directly be shown on the traveler.

Instructions can be removed by making sure that the field 'Image to Display' is empty, and the Image order has the number of the instruction to be removed.