There are a number of ways instructions for Operators can be configured. These instructions will be available through the Traveler:

  1. Specifications

    Part Specification can be added on the Specification Tab of the Part Definition Form. The specificatoins of the Product will then appear on the Specifications tab of the Traveler.

  2. Controlled Instruction Documents

    On the 'Document' tab of the Step Definition Form you can link to Revision Conrolled Documents. The documents on this tab will will appear on the 'Instructions' tab of the Traveler Form.

  3. Short Description

    On the 'General' tab of the  Step Definition Form the Step Description can be entered. Any text that is entered here will appear on the Traveler. Learn more on how to configure the Step Description on Travelers...

  4. Using Configurable Data Entries

    By using good descriptive labels in the Configurable Data Entry Area on the Traveler Form. For the value parts, Calculated Data Entries can be used that only display text. This text can be made dependent on the values entered in other data fields.

  5. History Graph of Entered Data Values

    By configuring the Data Entry for which you want to display a fully customzable Trend Chart or Histogram on the Traveler Form, you can give the user instant feedback on historic data.

  6. Automated Instruction based on Events.

The following figure shows where the different options can be found on the Traveler Form: