All information for a Step Definitions can be configured on the Step Definition Form. The figure below shows a screen shot for this Form. Below this screen shot the different entries and sections will be discussed. Step-Definition-Form-Dialog

The form consists of the following parts:

  • Status and creation information, this section in the upper left corner, shows when and by whom the Step Definition was created. The state and the icon show the current State of the Step Definition.
  • The State of the Step Definition can be changed by pressing the 'Next' button in the upper right corner. At the moment the Step Definition can move back, a Previous button will be shown as well. The sequence of states for a Step Definition: Pending -> Active -> Closed.
  • Control buttons on the left:
    • Refresh: Will query the data for this Step Definition from the server. Press this button if you think the information shown in the form is not up to date.
    • Clone: Will create a new Step Definition using the information of this Step Definition. Note: Do not use 'Clone' if you would like to make a new revision for this Step Definition.
    • Recalc: Will recalculate the Step Definition input output combination based on the information configured on the Inputs / Outputs tab.
    • Delete: A Step Definition can only be deleted when the Step Definition is Pending.
  • Tabs, the General Tab is the default tab and the form opens with this tab on top, which are explained at the Step Definitions Form Tabs.

General Infomation Section

The Name, Operation Number and Revision are Required Fields. The Operation Number and the Revision combined should be unique, if another Step Definition exists with the same Operation Number and Revision, than the Step Definition cannot be moved to the Active State.

Other fields on the General tab:

  • Step Description: Any information filled out in this field will be shown on the General Tab of the Travelers form. It can be used as a short instruction for the operator performing this Step.
  • Processing Time: Enter the average duration for this Step. If a value is defined the Traveler will require the operator to press the Start Button before any information can be filled out. If no value is defined the step will only have a Done button, and will move to the next step if the data entries are OK.
  • Category: Different Categories can be used.

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