Step Definitions can be found in different ways (each of the following options is discussed in more detail further down the page).

Open the Step Definitions on the Traveler

At the moment you are testing travelers a convenient way to access the Step Definition is clicking it on the General Tab of the Traveler, as shown in the following figure:


Find Step Definitions through the Listbox

Probably the fastest way to find a Step Definition is to open the Step Definition Listbox on the Configuration Desktop, as shown in the following figure.

To open a Step Definition, just click one of the rows. If you can not find it because the Listbox contains many Step Definitions, try the Filtering Listboxes function.

The following figure shows a 'Step by Step' on how to open the Listbox containing the Step Definitions.


Find Step Definitions through the Flow Definition

If you have access to your Flow Definitions, You can just go to the 'Flow Steps' Tab and click the step for which you want to open the Step Definition:


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