The following figure shows a screenshot for the Listbox containing the Step Definitions. Clicking one of the rows in the Listbox will open the Step Definition Form for that specific Step Definition.


Step Definitions Listbox Columns

Most of the columns shown in the listbox are the information that is visible on the general tab of the Step Definition Form:

  • Opr No: Operation Number
  • Step Name: Name of the Step Definition
  • Rev: Revision (Rev + Opr No should be unique for each Step Definition)
  • Status: State of the Step Definition (Pending, Active, Archived or Deleted)
  • Calc Status: Status of the Step Definition configuration (OK or Error)
  • Excluded: Checkbox to exclude Step Definition from the system
  • Input > Output: Show the Input Output Combinations for this Step Definition
  • Description: The description is the text that will appear on the Traveler as an instruction for the operator. The value is set on the general tab of the Step Definition Form
  • Category: Different categories can be used. The categories can be configured on the system desktop

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