When a Step Definition is not and will not be used anymore, it can be closed/archived or can be deleted.

A good rule of thumb for Step Definition management:

  • If it was never used: Delete the Step Definition
  • If it was used, but you don't want to use it anymore: Close/archive the Step Definition

Check the implications

It is recommended to first check if the Step Definition is used in any existing Flow Definitions and finally if the Step Definition currently contains Part Records or Travelers. Ask yourself and check the answers to these three main questions and you can safely delete or close/archive your unwanted Step Definition.

Open the Dialog and check the different Tabs as illustrated below:


Close the Step Definition

After confirming that the Step Definition can be closed without affecting existing Flow Definitions, press the Next State Button, that will move it to the archived state.

Delete the Step Definition

As a safety measure, Step Definition cannot be Deleted when they are Active. So you first have to move the Step Definition back to Pending State, and then press the Delete button.

Difference between Closed/Archived and Deleted

The actions appear to be pretty similar, but Deleted Items will not show up in most of the List Boxes. And only the Administrator will be able to Un-Delete an Item.

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