This tab is used to manage the Input-Output Object combinations connected to Step Definitions

The following figure shows the Input / Output tab on the Step Definition Form and a step-by-step description on how to add a new Input / Output combination.


To add a new Input / Output, define the Input - Output Conversion you want to perform, and take the following steps:

  1.  Input / Output Tab
    After selecting the Step Definition, click the Input / Output tab on the Step Definition Form.
  2. Select Part Definitions
    Select the Part Definition for the Input and the Part Definition for the Output for this Step Definition. If you want to use the I-O Combination to constrain the Flow Definition to a specific Part Definition then it's sufficient to define just the Output Part Definition.
  3. Quantity Field
    If the quantity changes due to the Step operation, fill out the quantity of the output Parts in the 'Qty' field e.g. dicing operation on a wafer would convert 1 wafer to 4 die
    The behaviour of the Input-Output Conversion depends on the combination of DIscrete vs Non-Discrete for the Input and Output Part Definitions. If the Output Part Definition is Discrete, at the moment the Traveler moves to next Step, anyPart Record on the Traveler with a quantity larger than 1 will be split into multiple Part Record with a quantity of 1
  4. Input-Output Type
    Select the Input-Output Type from the drop down menu:
    • Simple - Part changes from one Part Definition to the new Part Definition after the Step is complete
    • Forced - In the rare case you would like to split up a Non-Discrete part in smaller quanitities, without changing the unit of the Part, you can select the 'Force Consume' option. If the quantity change (of Step 4) is any number different from 1, it will automatically force the consumption of the Input Part Record
    • Combine - Parts are combined together to make the new Part Definition
  5. Add Input - Output Combination        
    Button to add new IO combinations to the Step Definition
    Press the 'Add I-O' Button, once clicked the Input / Output combination is added to the listbox of the Step Definition Form

Deleting an Input - Output Combination


To delete an Input-Output Object:

  1. Move the Step Definition to the 'Pending' State (You can add Input / Output Object in the 'Active' State but deletion is not possible)
  2. Press the Delete Icon in row shown in the list box
  3. Move the Step Definition back to the 'Active' State


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