EZ-MES can be configured in different ways to consume material. Click one of the following quick links to learn more:

Discrete and Non-Discrete Consumption

The system will allow you to ad more than a single input per step. These inputs are defined in the Step Definition. For each additional input you would like to add, you have to add an N-V pair.

The following figure shows an example where a Part B is created by combining discrete parts A and D, and adding a non-discrete part C. Examples of non-discrete parts could be glue, paint etc.

The following figure shows how actual 'B' part instances are created by this flow:

Four B parts are created, numbered B01, B02, B03 and B04. In this case a 1 to 1 consumption is defined for the D parts (the B parts consume D01, D02, D03 and D04). The C part is a Non-Discrete part (e.g. a glue) from which the batch should still be traceable after it is consumed.

So it is possible that a single C part is connected to multiple B parts. In this case C01 is connected to B01, B02, and B03.

The system will automatically consume