The following figure shows a Step by Step guide on how to add Material Consumption on a Step Definition:Material-Consumption-Data-Entry-1

To define a Material Consumption entry, take the following steps:

  1. Select the Configuration Icon to activate the Configuration Desktop
  2. Select the Step Definition icon to open a list of all Step Definitions
  3. Select a Step Definition from the list to configure
  4. Select the Name Value Pair Tab on the Step Definition Form
  5. Define the NV Name/Label that will appear in the Configurable Data Entry Section Configurable Data Entry Section on the Traveler Form and select the 'Consumption' value from the different Value Types.
  6. Fill out the quantity for the traveler to consume

    In case of Discrete parts, each Part Record that is attached to the traveler will consume the 'Qty to Consume' value of the Part Definition that is defined in Step 7. This means that, for each Part Record that is attached to the Traveler, the operator has to select 10 different parts (if the 'Qty to Consume' value equals 10)

  7. Select the Part Definition of the Material you want to consume by first selecting 'Add' button. This will open the 'Part Type Picker' window


  1. In the 'Part Type Picker' Window select the Part Definition by clicking the checkmark in front.
  2. Click the 'Add' button to close the window


  1. Now to add the new Consumption Data Entry you have to click the 'Plus' sign on the Step Definition form. This will add the Data Entry to the 'Name-Value Pair' Listbox.

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