Icon to show Configurable Data Entries

Name-Value Pair is an EZ-MES Object that defines configurable user inputs. By adding Name-Value Pairs to Step Definitions user inputs can be processed when steps are executed. This can be used for data acquisition, re-routing of parts, attaching files, and many more user actions.

AKA: Name-Value Pairs are also known as: 'Name Values', 'NV's' or 'Data Entries'.

The 'Name' in 'Name-Value' refers to the label that is shown next to the entry, and 'Value' refers to the actual data entry or action. NV's can also be used to display calculation results based on other data entries (technically not a 'Data Entry').

When a Traveler moves through a step, with a Step Definition that has defined Name-Value Pairs, the Traveler will show input fields and results presenting those Name Value Pairs.

Name Value pair on Traveler Form

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