Now that your Part Definition information is entered, it currently resides in a Pending state.


 Pending State - While the Part Definition is in the Pending state, you can edit its attributes.  Once the Part Definition is moved to the Active state you cannot edit its attributes, unless you move the 'Part Definition' back to the Pending state. The Part Definition can not be used by the system until it is in the Active state.

Active State - To move the Part Definition to Active, click on the Part Definition State Icon StatusUpdateToActiveRightGreen48x48.  You will now see that the Part Definition status has been updated to indicate it as Active.  We will leave the part in the Active state.


You will also notice the extra icons available to toggle the part state StatusUpdateToPending48x48  StatusUpdateToArchived48x48 
The part state can be toggled in the following order:

Pending StatusUpdateToActiveRightGreen48x48 Active StatusUpdateToArchived48x48 Archived

Archived  StatusUpdateToActiveLeft48x48 Active StatusUpdateToPending48x48 Pending

Archived State - The Archived state is used to make a part inactive within the system.

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