Creating Part Definitions Video

Part Definitions are required to track parts. Any part that exists within the system is linked to a Part Definition that can contain a multitude of attributes.  We will keep things simplified on our first Part Definitions created. We will only define Part Name, Part Number, and Revision attributes. 

To get to the the form, follow the icon sequence given below.

Part Definition Icon Sequence Step 1Action48x48WhiteBackground arrow-next Step 2PD48x48 arrow-next Step 3PD48x48New


 Step 4 (Part Name): Now that you are in the Part Definition Form you can now enter your Part Name.  For this you can be descriptive. You will want to be able to differentiate one part from another by looking at the part name.

For this example, please enter 'Skateboard Deck (Blank)'.

Step 5 (Part Number): You can enter your Part Number here.  If you already are following a certain part naming convention, feel free to continue using it. This textbox allows you to enter it manually. However, you can also use the built in Part Number Generator icon LVButton15x14Sequencer located on the right end of the textbox.

For this specific purpose, please use the Part Number Generator.

Step 6 (Part Revision): You can enter your part revision here. The Part Number Generator will automatically assign a revision.

In this case, it assigned revision 'A'.

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