Complete playlist for 30 Day Trial - Configuration

During your initial log in, EZ-MES will be "empty". What that means, is that it will require for you to 'Configure', or, input the following items to get the most basic use out of EZ-MES:

1. Part Definitions Action48x48WhiteBackground  arrow-next   PD48x48  arrow-next   PD48x48New
2. Step Definitions Action48x48WhiteBackground  arrow-next SD48x48Icon arrow-next SD48x48New
3. Flow Definitions Action48x48WhiteBackground  arrow-next FD48x48Icon  arrow-next   FD48x48New
4. Traveler FR48x48Icon  arrow-next  FR48x48Icon arrow-next FR48x48New

*for reference, the data above shows the icon sequence that create each configuration item.

Configuration Desktop

We should begin with an introduction to the Configuration Desktop. (NOTE: All Icons and forms on this desktop are blue. This color convention is used to make clear that you are defining the system; you are creating a blue-print for flows, parts, steps etc.) For the purpose of this skateboard example, we will only focus on the three configuration icons highlighted in the image below. These are the 'Part Definition', 'Step Definition' and 'Flow Definition' icons. We will cover 'Travelers' later.


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