The Part Definition Form is a Form with all information of a Part Definitions.


The form consists of the following parts:

  • The upper left icon is used to Create New Part Definition.
  • Status and creation information, this section in the upper left corner shows when and by whom the Part Definition was created.
  • The upper right corner icon shows the current Part States. The state of the Part Definition can be changed by pressing the 'Next' button in the upper right corner. At the moment the Part Definition can move back, a Previous button will be shown as well. The sequence of states for a Part Definition: Pending -> Active -> Closed.
  • Control buttons on the left:
    • Clone: Will create a new part using the information of this part definition. Note: Do not use 'Clone' if you would like to make a new revision for this Part Definition. Use the Revs tab instead.
    • Refresh: Will query the data for this Part Definition from the server. Press this button if you think the information shown in the form is not up to date.
    • Delete: Only in the Pending state can a Part Definition be deleted.
  • Tabs, the General Tab is the default tab and the Form opens with this tab on top. Information about the other indivitual Tabs can be found at Part Definition Form Tabs.

General or Home Tab

On the General / Homel Tab of the Part Definition the following information is defined:

  • Name, Part Number and Revision: These are the only 3 required fields for a Part Definition to become active. The Part Number in combination with the Revision have to be unique for the complete system.
  • Comments: Any kind of comments about this Part Definition. Note Drawings, Work Instructions, Recipes can all be attached on the Document Tab.
  • With the Part Definition and Start Traveler items on the form you can create immediately a new Travelers to start production for this part.

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