The Part Definition Listbox is a Listbox to show all Part Definitions.




Most of the columns shown in the Listbox is key information that is available on the general tab of the Part Definition Form, those are:

  • PN: Part number
  • Rev: Revision
  • Status: Part States of the Part Definitions (Pending, Active, Closed or Deleted)
  • Part Name: The name of the part
  • Type: Shows if the Definition is for a Part, Equipment or Change
  • Discrete: DIscrete vs Non-Discrete. Discrete parts are parts for which you want to have individual traceability. Any part with a serial number and with a quantity that is a multiple of 1 (e.g. not 0.05) can be considered to be a discrete part.

    Some Examples:

    • A bag of nails, in this case you do not want to have individual traceability for each nail. So you will not check this checkmark. The system will still be able to trace nails to a specific batch.
    • A pot of glue, in this case the consumption takes place in quantities that can be fraction. So the check mark does not have to be checked.
    • A substrate with a serial number, if you want to be able to trace this part by entering the serial number, then you have to check this check mark.
  • Comments: Any kind of comments about this Part Definition. Note Drawings, Work Instructions, Recipes can all be attached on the controlled document tab.
  • Initiator: The user that created this Part Definition.

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