To batch add Spec Definitions to Part Definitions you must have the Part Definition Listbox open. From the Listbox you should filter it according to the Part Defintions that you want to include in the Batch processing.  Use any number of column filtering so only the Definitions you wish to update are displayed in the Listbox.  Only Definitions displayed in the Listbox will be modified.

  1. Select Configuration Desktop
  2. Select Part Definition Listbox (In the picture below accidently the NV is taken instead of the Part Definition Listbox)
  3. Perform filtering to display only the Part Definitions you wish to batch edit
  4. Click the Batch Edit Icon.  You will be prompted that you will be editing X number of Definitions
  5. Choose new values you want to change/add
  6. Click the checkbox if you want to change/add the FD Configuration value
  7. Apply Changes



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