Step 1 (Add Step Defintion): Use the pulldown on the right to select from available 'Step Definitions. Remember that only Step Definitions that are in the Active state will show up within the pulldown.

Step 2 (Add Step Button): Click the 'Add Step Button' to apply the selected Step Definition to your Flow Definition. You will now see the Step Definition in the flow sequence outlined in ORANGE below.  

Also note that we did not have to enter a Step Sequence, EZ-MES applied a value of 10 to our initial Step.  It will continue to apply a step sequence using increments of 10 to all new Step Definitions added.


Step 3 (Repeat Steps 1 & 2): Repeat steps 1 and 2.  This time, our 'Add Step' will be 'SD12-0068 Rev:A (Apply Graphics To Blank Deck'.  You will notice that the new step sequence is added under our previous one, and it has a 'Step Sequence' of 20.


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