Creating Flow Definitions Video

Flow Definition is a sequence of Step Definitions that move parts throughout any part of a manufacturing process. The following are examples are some of the things performed by the operator via the Flow Definition.

Flow Definitinon Icon Sequence Step 1Action48x48WhiteBackground arrow-next Step 2FD48x48Icon arrow-next Step 3FD48x48New


Step 4 (Flow Definition Name): The Flow Definition Name is a short description of what action the flow will be performing.  

Step 5 (Flow Definition Number): We will let the system generate the Flow Definition Number by using the 'auto-generator' to the right of the text-box.

Step 6 (Revision): After using the 'auto-generator', the 'Revision' will be automatically filled out.

Step 7 (Flow Definition Type):  There are seven Flow Definition Types available to choose from.  For this purpose, we will want to select 'Make Part'. (The image shows 'Use Part', what is not correct)

Step 8 (Part State when Active):  Select here WIP - Work in Progress

Step 9 (Part State when Done):  Select here RMI - Raw Material Inventory

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