Creating a Traveler Video


New Traveler Icon Sequence Step 1FR48x48Icon arrow-next Step 2FR48x48Icon arrow-next Step 3FR48x48New


Step 4 (Flow Definition): After starting a new traveler, you must then select the Flow Definition that will be used to process your part.  In our demonstration we only have a single flow to choose from.  Please select it.

Step 5 (Requested Part): We must now choose the part that is being requested for this Traveler. We will select the Part Definition that is used to define our 'Skateboard Deck with Graphics 1' aka 'PD09-0002 - Rev:A (Skateboard Deck (Graphics 1))'.

Step 6 (Requested Quantity): The requested quantity is the amount of parts required to process on this traveler.  We will input a quantity of 10 parts in this field.

Step 7 (Submit Traveler to Next Step): Now click the button FR48x48Next to submit the traveler to the next step.  After it is submitted, technicians on the work floor will be able to now see it and begin working on it.


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