As you we have not setup a very complex flow, processing the First Step is easy.


Step 1: (Moving to Next Step): Now we have completed the first step, we can now proceed to the next step.  Click the 'Move to Next Step' button.


Step 2: (Confirm Step Completion): Confirm that the step is completed and the move to Step 2 by clicking OK.


You can now see that the 'Current Step' is now updated to reflect the changes you made.



Brief Explanation (Non-Discrete VS Discrete Parts):

Because our 'Part Definition' for 'Skateboard Deck (Blank)' is a 'Non-Discrete' item, we only see a value for a combined quantity. Much like we might see for a quantity of screws, or bolts. However, if we needed to track Lot ID's or Serial Numbers for our part, we would have created the 'Part Definition' as a 'Discrete' item.

For 'Discrete' parts, the 'Part Grabber' dialog box would have shown each part as one record per row. It would also indicate a Lot ID and/or Serial Number on each row. If we added 'Discrete' parts, then we also have full tracability of the parts being attached to the traveler as they are processed.

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