Now that there is some data available, it might be a good moment to look into some reports.

Traveler Report

The first report to give a look is the traveler it self. It can be opened by pressing the Print Icon at the top of the traveler.

This Traveler Report can be used in multiple ways.  It can be printed out and follow parts through the processing steps, and it can also be viewed as needed to check its current step and/or sign off times.  

Customization options include:

  • Details - Provides basic information regarding 'Flow Definition' name, Current Step, Part State, and Requested Part.
  • Request Details - Work Order information.
  • Create Details - Details on what user created the traveler, includes time/date stamps.
  • Attached Parts - Very useful for viewing parts attached to travelers that contain UID's (serial and/or lot id's).
  • Step Descriptions - Displays step descriptions.  Useful for operators to view other details.
  • Instruction Docs - If Work Instructions are attached to Step Definitions it will display hyperlinks to them as well as file revisions and date/time information.
  • Attachments - If a technician attached a document to any step during its process, the file information will be displayed.
  • Blog Entries - Displays the latest blog entry entered on the traveler step.
  • Splits / Merges - If parts split or merged during a step, this information will be displayed.


Part Report

When clicing on of the parts on the Traveler Report, the Part Report will open. Here all the details of the Part, named Part Record, are visible.


Reporting Desktop

The Reporting Desktop of EZ-MES has a couple of standard reports, which can be usefull. Like the WIP report and the Throughput Report also known as the Ins-Outs report.

Wip Report

The WIP Report for example displays Work In Progress.  Without options, the report will provide part quantities within all steps.  However, it can also be more spefic with its filter and additional display options.

Customization options include:

  • Part Names - Provides specific information regarding the part names and quantity being processed.
  • Traveler Numbers - Gives quantity of parts within travelers
  • Part UID's - Displays UID's (serial and/or lot id) of all active parts.  
  • Flow Filter - Further filtering WIP by viewing only a specific 'Flow Definition'.


Ins and Outs Report

In the Step Ins and Outs Report, you will be able to see how many parts went into a step and came out of a step.  Customizations options include:

  • Date and Time Span filtering
  • Part Names - Allows you to view the specific part count going into and out of steps.
  • Travelers - Displays count of parts going into and out of travelers.
  • Flow - This pull down will further filter to only display a specific 'Flow Definition' or all.


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