In the previous section you have configured the system. Now you can start using the system to create and track Part Records using Travelers. NOTE: Part Records are the system representation of real world parts. All forms related to real-world counter parts are green.

In the following you will learn:

  1. To create a traveler based on a Flow Definition
  2. To create Part Records on a Traveler
  3. Move the Traveler

Any Part Record in the system is most of the time connected to a Traveler. A Traveler can be seen as the container that caries the part records through the different steps of a Flow Definition.

Take the steps shown in the following figure to create a Traveler:


The Traveler is created by taking the following steps:

  1. Click the Execution Desktop to switch to the Traveler and Reports Menu Icons.
  2. Open the Traveler Listbox
  3. Click the 'New Traveler' icon in the upper left corner of the Traveler Listbox

After the icon is clicked a traveler form will open as shown in the following figure. Take the steps as described in the figure:


To get the Traveler to the Active state, take the following Steps:

  1. Select the Flow Definition
  2. Select the requested Part Definition
  3. For now ignore the other steps, and move the Traveler to Active by pressing the 'Next' button.

The Traveler is now created and is in the Active State. Operators will be able to see the travelers that are in the active state, and know that this traveler needs to start moving.


NOTE: Any pull down within EZ-MES is using  Intellisense. So if there are too many items, just start typing in the input field and the number of Items will be filtered.

Create Part Records on a Traveler

To create Part Records on a Traveler take the following Steps:


To create parts and to attach them to the Traveler, take the following steps:

  1. Enter the number of Parts you would like to Use or Make with this traveler
  2. Press the 'Create Part' Button to perform the action.

After the 'Create Parts' button is pressed the Traveler will change:


The following figure shows the Part Record tab showing the parts attached to this Traveler.


Move the Traveler

You are now ready to move the traveler to the next step. By creating and attaching the Part Records the 'Done' button in the upper right corner appeared. Press this button to sign off this Step and move it to the next.


You will be asked to confirm the move. Press OK and the Traveler form will move to the second step. This is shown in the following figure:


Now is a good time to go over the reporting features: Reporting Desktop

After the you looked through the reporting features

Finish the Flow

To finalize the Flow, just click the 'Done' button of the Traveler in the upper right corner. If you closed the form open the Traveler from the Traveler Listbox.

After you have pressed the Done button you will be asked if you would like to finish the flow as shown in the following figure:


The Traveler form will automatically close and you will get the following notification:


Click OK to proceed.

Your Widget Example has now been finished.

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