The Traveler List-Box will show a list of Travelers. Two different Listboxes can be opened, the green Listbox will show all the Travelers independent of their state, while the red Listbox will only list the Active Travelers.

Open a Traveler Listbox

The following figure shows how the listboxes can be opened from the Traveler Desktop


View All Travelers Listbox

The besides showing all the Travelers, the View All Travelers Listbox has preset filter Icons, and can create new Travelers. The following figure shows an example:


View Active Travlers Listbox

The Active Travelers Listbox is filtered to only show Travelers in the 'Active' state, and excludes travelers that have a Part State of 'HOLD' or 'Scrapped'. An example is shown in the following figure:

Traveler Listbox showing all Active Travelers

Columns for the Traveler Listbox

The Traveler Listboxes show the following columns (From left to right):

  • Print Preview

    Opens a Print Preview of the Traveler Report in a new Popup window

  • Priority

    Manual priority entry on the Part Record form. When multiple Part Records are connected to the same Traveler the Traveler will get the same priority as the Part Record with the highest priority.

  • Flow Number

    Will show the Traveler number. The syntax for the Traveler numbers: FRYYMM-DDDDDD. FR stands for Flow Record (Traveler), YY are the last two digits of the year the Traveler was created, MM the month tShe traveler was created and the DDDDDDD is a sequence number.

  • Traveler State

    The Traveler State can be Pending, Active, Closed, or Deleted.

  • Process State

    The Process State can be CUED, INPROCESS or DONE.

  • Flow Definition

    The Flow Definition connected to the Travelers, that determines the sequence of steps for the traveler to go through.

  • Quantity

    The quantity of parts that are connected to this Traveler. Note: The Number of Part Records connected to a Traveler can be different from the number of Parts connected to a traveler. This is caused by the fact that Non-Discrete parts can have a quantity different from 1.

  • Current Step

    The Step Definition where the Traveler is 'located'.

  • Part Goal:

    The Part Goal shows the Part Definition, for the Part Records on the Traveler, for when the Traveler is Finished. This is set when the Traveler is Created.

  • WO:

    The connected Work Order to the Traveler

  • Flow Type

    The Part State of the parts when they complete the flow. This part state is configured on the Flow Definition.

  • Part Type:

    The Part State of the parts as long a the Traveler is Active. For the Active Traveler Listbox all Travelers with an 'HOLD' or 'Scrapped' part state are not shown.

If there are many travelers in the listbox, it can be filtered and sorted using the listbox controls