The EZ Menu Importer can import both Menu Items and Menu Groups into EZ-MES.


Installation and Source Code

ClickOnce Installation is used to install the executable onto your computer. 

Installation Link

Source Code is downloadable via our Repository.  A username and password is required to access this.  It is available by request only.  

Source Code Link


Application Screenshot




Settings Configuration

After the clickOnce installation is complete you will need to configure the Settings.  To access Settings go to >File, >Settings


  • Soap User: This is the Username you use to log into EZ-MES
  • Soap Key: This is the Passkey that is generated within EZ-MES.  If you dont have one: Generate a New PassKey
  • Web-Service URL: This is the URL used to access EZ-MES.  You will need to add the '/eazywebservice.asmx' at the end.  

Use the Test Passkey button on the upper left to verify your settings are configured correctly.  After the settings are completed successfully close this form.  You should not have to re-enter this for future uses.