The EZ Part Record importer can be used to import Part Records into EZ-MES.  The intended usage is for populating new systems with existing inventory, although it could be use to regularly import new Part Records into the system.


Installation and Source Code

ClickOnce Installation is used to install the executable onto your computer. 

Installation Link

Source Code is downloadable via our Repository.  A username and password is required to access this.  It is available by request only.  

Source Code Link


Importable Attributes

The application works off of an Excel sheet that is populated with the Part Defintions that you want to import.  Each row in the Excel file represents a Traveler that will create one or more Part Records.  You can download a sample XLSX template here.

Required Excel Column Headers

  • Part Number
  • Part Revision

Optional Excel Column Headers

  • Quantity
  • Unique ID - Must contain Unique ID NV on Step Definition
  • NV-Values - Name-Value Name should match excel column header name



It should be noted that for each Part you wish to import in your excel sheet, you must first have an Inventory Receive Flow associated with it in EZ-MES.  This is done through the Part Definition Form / Advanced.  The importer will only sign off a single step Inventory Receive Flow.  So all of your Name-Values you wish to assign values to should be in the first step.  Any steps afterwards will be ignored and the traveler will not be signed off.


Settings Configuration

After the clickOnce installation is complete you will need to configure the Settings.  To access Settings go to >File, >Settings



  • Soap User: This is the Username you use to log into EZ-MES
  • Soap Key: This is the Passkey that is generated within EZ-MES.  If you dont have one: Generate a New PassKey
  • Web-Service URL: This is the URL used to access EZ-MES.  You will need to add the '/eazywebservice.asmx' at the end.  

Use the Test Passkey button on the upper left to verify your settings are configured correctly.  After the settings are completed successfully close this form.  You should not have to re-enter this for future uses.


PR Importer Usage

After you have completed the settings you can now begin importing your Part Records using your Excel File.  See our sample Excel File that demonstrates how it can look.  Your excel file can vary with the column headers.  For instance, you will have different Name-Values Column names.


Selecting file

Click the Excel Icon to Choose the file.


Matching Column Headers

 After the file is selected and imported, you will now be tasked with matching up the Colums in Excel to the EZ-MES Attribute.  

Noticed my example has a Column that is irrelevant to EZ-MES.  This is okay, but I must select 'Ignore' from the pulldown.  Any blank fields will not allow for execution of the import.


Execution of Import

After the file is selected and you have the Column Headers matched up, the Execution Icon will become active.  You can now use it to run the import.  

Messages will be displayed in the Status Window.  If the import is successful, you should now log into your application and verify the results.  


EZ PR Importer Icons.

Although these are subject to change, the goal will be to keep them intuitive.